Precision Farming or Precision Agriculture means the allocation of sowing and fertilisation as well as crop protection when working on land with a variety of soil conditions and crops.

Precision Farming is a gain for the modern farmer, but also for the consumer, whilst taking into account the prot
ection of nature and the environment. A significant part of Precision Farming forms the automatic track guidance solutions that make possible highest precision owing to correction data services such as FarmRTK.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Precision Farming covers several needs all at once:

1. Quality Management
2. Comfort
3. Environmental Protection
4. Consumer Protection

But find out yourself…

1. Quality Management
Modern information technology on which Precision Farming is based helps you to better plan the individual operational processes. Supported by FarmRTK, these can be carried out by precise track guidance systems more precisely, be documented and traced more easily, while taking into account the varying productivity within a field.

Owing to FarmRTK the fast and precise management of the area of land used for far
ming can be realised by day, by night and in every weather condition. Fertilisers and plant protection products (pesticides) can be distributed in compliance with the soil requirements.

2. Reduced Workload and Comfort
As the routes are recorded by means of the primary mapping, the tractor can exactly remain on track thanks to the automatic guidance and FarmRTK. The tractor can run on the same track with centimetre precision again and again - even in the dark, in foggy weather as well as a long time afterwards.

Thus you are largely relieved from the vehicle guidance and you can concentrate on monitoring the machine and equipment or you can eat at the same time your sandwich – for you needn’t even lay your hands on the wheel. No man is able to control an engine as correctly and precisely over several hours as a machine does.

3. Environment
Each area of land used for farming shows differences in the nutrient content and water requirements in the soil. The uniform application of fertilizers can lead to an excessive or a restrained supply in nutrients in some parts of the field. This can eventually have a negative effect on the environment, but also on your total yield.

Thanks to Precision Farming it is possible to ascertain the exact soil condition of your agricultural area. This helps you to adapt to the alternating soil conditions more efficiently and more specifically. Using modern track guidance solutions, supported by FarmRTK, you can control the proportioning of fertilizers to the highest degree.

As a consequence, you will make a significant contribution to environmental protection. Thus, over-fertilization can largely be reduced due to the adjustment of the application rate to the current nutrition requirements of the plants.

4. Consumer Protection
Consumers have growing demands for transparent, traceable and sustainable food production. Thanks to precise track guidance solutions the agricultural production process can be performed more exactly and can be documented automatically at any time. The automation of processes within the agricultural business is particularly important to ensure that the documentation which is important to farmers and consumers is not pushed into the background. In this way, these processes support consumer protection as well.